i had a dream and niall was drunk

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my life is full of woe bc my dreams are cute and reality sucks. ie i had a niall dream.

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I HAD THE CUTEST NIALL DREAM EVER LIKE FUCKFUCKFUKC I AM RUINED its prac like all the cute nialls rolled into one i cant.

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omg i had this dream last night

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yooooooooooooo niall and i went to the same dinner last night

and i thought he was winking at me but he was winking at the little kid he was playing with

5ever sad

and i stared at him from afar

oh and this was a dream

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can i just say. i wouldn’t recommend reading this.

i had a dream and it was just like me going on tumblr/internet and all these new cool niall gifs happened and like one direction made some themselves so it was all behind the scenes videos never released type thing

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i had two niall dreams one after the other last night

so the first one was kinda lame but pretty much people where picking each other up for a shindig and we agreed to pick this other person up but we had no room in our car. so someone rang niall and i was like omgomgomogmogmomg totally going in his car. but then he was like in this really sad voice no sorry i cant and idek adriana lima was in our car and was like BUT IM HERE COME PLS and hes all no sorry im really tired and i’m finishing off this movie with samuel L jackson and its really sad. sorry. and we were all like awwwwwwwwwwwwwh

and  i woke up but then i went back to sleep and

i had this other niall dream where i was in mullingar and we were at a cafe and it was his birthday but i went to something with an old lady friend? there and as i was eating shes like you should give one of the muffins to that poor kid (and it was like a small middle eastern boy and his mum on the same table as niall but one seat away bc there was no other room) so i went over and i was like right next to niall trying to entice the middle eastern boy with muffins and i think mine and nialls arm touched a few times randomly as well as when he reached over to a meal and the boy was making a decision and i commented to niall they always give me too much soup as well and hes likes yeah i know and i was like yeah im always like wheres the meat!?!? and he like chuckled anyway i went back to enticing the boy and idek my and nialls arm touched some more and then the boy took one and i went back to my friend. and then i refused to pay bc i hated who the owner was handing the shop over to and was like I CAN DO A BETTER FINANCIAL JOB IM NOT PAY FOR THOSE MUFFINS UNTIL YOU CUT ALL TIES WITH THAT GUY. and i walked out,

and yeah

that was it. 

Niall~ tho

So I haven’t had a Niall dream in a while and I woke up smiling even tho I’m kinda tired and want to sleep a tad more but ya know I DIDNT WANNA FORGET THE DREAM. I am 100% lame and will lose all my followers

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i had a nap and i had the FANTABULOUS DREAM and now im really really sad

like in my dream i was dating niall and i think he had flown me and sean and dylan and maura and a few cousins over to where ever and it was like night so niall had to say goodbye to everyone bc he had to move to a new tour location and like i went outside with him to wait for a cab and he missed 6 cabs bc he was always peppering my face with kisses or i was doing the same to him and everytime we would laugh anyway when he finally thought yeah i really have to go he randomly bit my earlobe and was like i have to go sorry (sad face) and im like (sadface) and we kissed and everything was like sdjdfgskjdfsadkfgsadkjgf awwwwwwwwwwh anyway niall then went off and i went back into the hotel and everyone was packing in there and i randomly wanted a shower so im like talking to sean if we had any clean towels or anything then i woke up.


Night 2 and happiness is near


these dreams are the death of me

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So I had an awesome dream of awesome about Niall. THIS IS GOOD BC NIALL DREAMS ARE GOOD.

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I do like my Niall dreams :3

Pretty much what happened is that I was on a plane with my Mum (who legit didn’t even act like herself and then turned into my friend) and we were trying to sleep bc everyone else was but its was cold and then my friend started going omg I ORDERED SOME PANTS AND A BLANKET HERE (yeah idek we had no pants one for some reason) and I was cold so I sat up and had a look around for a flight attendant but I saw Niall (he had his hair all quiffed sigh) with his perf face looking down the aisle for something (I DIDNT FREAK OUT SO PROPS TO ME OKAY) anyway he started looking down and I quickly sat down. And my mates still going on about how she wants some pants and I didn’t care so I sat up to look at Niall again but this like he had like flash on on his phone and i was like …. HE COULD BE TAKING A PICTURE OF ME OMG NO and i sat back down bc i was on a plane and no one ever really looks that good on a plane. So I finally found a flight attendant and I was like trying to wave her over but apparently she couldn’t come to our section and my friends still fucking complaining like a bitch. So I sat up to look at Niall again but he looked at me and I quickly looked away and straight into a REALLY bright plane like which blinded me and I was like all ugh aahhh kinda thing and I sat back down. And like bc im a massive perve I wanted to perve on Niall again (by this time my friend had gone back to being my mum and yeah she was just relax) so i looked at Niall and he was moving his phone around like he was filmed and he directed it at me and im like :| and he just laughed and kept filming and I sat down and this flight attendant came around and handed mum a packet of doritos and i was like ogmogmogmomgomgomog *reaches for it* then I woke up.


So Niall was in it

and this is what happened

SO me and my mates were just driving and along and I saw Niall walking about and he was carrying a 1.5 L tin of that MORO Olive Oil stuff anyway I was like freaking out and became really sad because we were driving. Anyway we ended up parking/stoping at a random store and i see Niall coming out of it and I start fucking freaking the fuck out anyway it seemed like he had just eaten something a bit weird so he took a gulp of the olive oil then like SPAT it out and it was like a river of olive oil (like it looked like he was saying to himself thats even worse) hahahah it looked funny. Anyway I was in the car giggling. And after a bit I got the guts to roll down the window (I DONT WHY I DIDNT FUCKING DO IT SOONER LIKE WHAT IF I MISSED MY CHANCE) and I was like to Niall “Niall Niall olive oil really?” and he like was towards the car and was like “yeah buddy its made in spain or something” and i was like “let me see mate” and like the olive oil was now in a bottle for some reason and he gave me the bottle and I saw made in Thailand so I was like to Niall “hahaha buddy its made in Thailand” and Niall’s like “nahh, no way buddy”. Anyway he just continued to chill for a bit near the car i was in and we said a couple of things to each other here and there and then this old man came over and gave him something and walked anyway and Niall thought he had to leave and he looked really reluctant to leave and i was getting a tad sad but he ended up staying because he didn’t need to follow the old man. Anyway then some fucking ranga bitch ran up to Niall while me and him were in mid conversation and was like “CAN I GET A PHOTO NIALLLLLLLLL” and niall was like “sure” *poses* and at this point im in the car screaming “I FUCKING SHOULD OF BOUGHT A CAMERA” anyway I quickly then turned to my friend and was like “CAN YOU TAKE A PICTURE ON YOUR PHONE PLEASEEEEEE” and she like nods. Anyway the ranga bitch was still taking a fucking photo and then shes all like ” can you turn to my friends and say hi” and niall like grabs the camera which apparently is recording and turns it towards me first and smiles and im like .. … … *SHOUTS* “IM ON TV” and then niall turns it towards her friends and the ranga bitch fucks off. I like jump out of the car now and was like “could i get a picture toooo” and Niall like chuckled and was like “sureee haha” and I go to like kinda hug him and im like “OMGHHHHHH YOOU’RE SO CUTE AND HUGABLE AHJKAGFUAGDJKAD” *burying my face into his body* and Niall’s like lightly chuckling. But when I put my arms around him I felt his abodmen stretch (kinda like if he went on his tippy toes idno i didn’t look because im burying my face into his body he smelt fucking amazingggggggggggggg) anyway we get the picture and the ranga bitch comes back and we find out Niall has to leave and I get sad and stuff. And then I’m watching Niall and he goes to say goodbye to me first via like cheek to cheek kisses things but the stupid ranga bitch jumps in first and Niall quickly says bye to her with like really really quick cheek to cheek contact. And I saw this and I was like to myself oMOGMOMGOMGOMOGMOGM HE GONNA TOUCH MY CHEEK OKAY I GOTTA TO THAT CHEEK TO CHEEK KISS CONTACT THING. So I’m getting really fucking excited. So the ranga bitch fucks off and I’m like awww bye Nialler and he cheek to cheek contacts me and we both do like a kissy thing and he like takes his time doing it and one the other side (left) we do the same thing but niall lingers there for a few seconds and sighs and then we hug and i quickly get in before he walks away “OH BUDDY COME DOWN TO AUSTRALIA AGAIN SOON” and hes like “hahaha i will” and shows me the picture of him and me ON HIS FUCKING IPHONE and its like niall’s face really close up then theres little me in the corner and niall’s cheeks are all red in the picture. Anyway I jump back into the car and wave at niall and he walks off and we drive off and my mates are all like staring at me and i start shouting to me friend “SHOW ME THE FUCKING PICTURE” and its ike my head half buried into Niall but i see Niall had covered my head with his scarf so you can see like my face and then like th top of my head as a scarf on it. 



I had a short Niall dream. We went to a theme park. It was cute. I was running around screaming bobby pringlehands with him. 

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